Story 1 Chapter 1

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Campaign – Sometimes Things Go Wrong
    Story 1 – Once upon a time in the Hurillian System
        Chapter 1 – Flight of the Asparagus

Prologue to Chapter 1

It is the 3rd day of the 3rd week of the 3rd month of the year 24 BBY.

The galaxy spins on with little knowledge that in just two short years civil war will stretch over the many light years that the Galactic Republic currently spans.

Our scene opens on Coruscant (pronounced /’kɔɹəsɑnt/). A name for both the planet and the massive city that spans its entire surface.

Here hundreds of thousands of politicians work in the Galactic Bureaucracy to steer policy that will effect entire regions of the galaxy and its 300 billion star systems.

Here a trillion Republic citizens work to make a living on the most populous planet in Republic space.

And here, on starship service pad AAC-0333-1256, Captain Renlends watches as passengers finish boarding the transport starship Asparagus bound for the outer rim laden with passengers from all walks of life and 100 tons of self-sealing stem bolts.

Session 2

Story 1 Chapter 1

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