Session 2

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Session 2



Alex, Dave, Sam, Charles, and Brandon




Noble+ Chez → Stock tips on Stem Bolts
Diarmuid → turns in Rifle, not pistol Boards
Dine → turns in Rifle & Pistol Boards
All Board

Dinek + workshop – Steals Gun Parts

Lounge → Burgos meets Diarmuid
→ Burgos wins $300 (Corsican’t vs Naboo)

Turk + Chez → Turk might help with the Stem Bolt bill with the senators

C14-MP looks Diarmuid out of room, tries to hack cameras – not noticed – failed
C1-MP realizes Colicoids EAT people

Tirk meets Kiev → Gets Kiev to leave and talk to Mace – Sneaks into officers lounge → hangs out with Jeneska Khan and officers

C14-MP tries to forge that Diarmuid is the arrested individual. (It was actually Dine who had been arrested)

Dinek → Arrested for ransacking officers room.

C14-MP → all other druids get ironed (5 grenades) C14 is protected by 2 crates.

Turk → C14-MP radios to Turk [Bad Stuff] get to the Jedi

Dinek → Blaster Pistol + Credo chip + 300, 100, 100, 100, 200. (Stealing from the dead guards)

Diarmuid → Gets gun and ion grenades from armory – fries 2 buzz druids with ion grenade.

Senator John Noble → Explains how Mace took 5 grenade druids in the chest and is unconscious

Turk, C14-MP, and Disarmed talk to senators

Dinek → Gets his gun
C14-MP → If you are alive, move to the bridge, hurt move to sickbay, dead stay put

Everyone moves to bridge as fast as possible. Find captain and a few crew.

Fight ensues near the bridge.

Many buzz druids are destroyed ending the fight.

Ship continues on to Hurillion system.

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Session 2

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