Conventional wisdom of the Galactic Republic

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In any given environment there are things that a population of beings just kind of “knows”. This is a collection of what they are taught, what they look up, and things they randomly hear from those around them.

These, space traveler, are the things every child in the republic knows.

The Galaxy

A “standard” spiral galaxy with some 300 billion stars. Traditionally the galaxy is conceptually divided by circular zones moving out from the center. Starting with the Deep Core and moving outward: Deep Core, Core, Colonies, Inner Rim, Expansion Region, Mid Rim, and Outer Rim

Faster than Light Travel

The fastest way from point A to point B is by use of hyperspace drives. Hyperspace drives allow starships to create pockets of folded space around them known as “hyperspace” which they can then use to travel at speeds much faster than light without the effects of relativity acting upon them.

The Hydian Way, the Corellian Run, and Rimma Trade Route are three of the major hyperspace routes that allow fast and easy travel throughout the galaxy.

Hyperspace travel is very dangerous. Because one’s ship is moving faster than the speed of light the ability to detect anything outside of ones hyperspace bubble is impossible. So it is necessary to have heavily detailed maps of objects and their gravitational effect on the area one wishes to travel through.

Because of this while hyperspace travel to well charted regions is very fast, travel to and in uncharted regions is slow and dangerous.

The Galactic Republic

Often referred to only as “The Republic”, the Galactic Republic is the dominant power in the galaxy. Billions

Conventional wisdom of the Galactic Republic

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